2. mxparadise:

    Ghost Stories. I really don’t know about it, know what I mean? It’ll never be a favourite album. I think it’s ok. Which is something I’ve never thought about their music before. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but i feel it’s lacking something. It doesn’t make me feel alive. 

    4 months later my opinion couldn’t be more different. this album is so affecting and affectionately poignant and beautiful and subtle. and satisfying. gets under your skin


  3. Coldplay - All Your Friends

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    Coldplay - All Your Friends


  4. O (reprise) from the A Sky Full of Stars EP makes me cry. 


  5. making-escape:

    i’m here fucking crying. ‘don’t ever let go’? for fuck sake chris are you trying to crush our hearts. I had no idea I though it was just chanting. EVERYTHING’S SUDDENLY DEEP. 



  6. buckin-love:

    Chris Martin for Rolling Stone Magazine, April 2005

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  7. buckin-love:

    Coldplay - Life in Technicolor ii



  9. @coldplay: Finished the song with W01 Gary Chilton, Cpl Bug John Sumner RM & Cpl Matt Walker just in time for #InvictusGames. CM (x)

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  10. lightninglens:

    What’s the point of trying to raise your voice

    If no one ever hears?

    Coldplay x Tokyo, Japan  || 06.12.14

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